"Nothing Else Matters" is a community built over 8 years with its focus on maturity, being highly social and having fun, with the future always in mind.





We started out as a raiding guild within World of Warcraft over 8 years ago, after 6 years of dedication to raiding our community had grown, evolved and spread throughout the gaming world.  Now we are a community that spans many games over multiple platforms, with the hope to bring together old, present and new members in whatever world we choose to venture into so that you never venture alone.

Our ethos is to create a strong community, that will progress and develop together, enjoying all that the ether has to offer. We endeavour to be successful in anything we do, if we wipe, die or just suck, it's just part of the experience, all we ask is that we learn from it.

For 8 years now, NEM has tried to maintain a guild and community that does not stick to stereotype, to be successful in everything we do, but to also have a very strong social side. To be multi-national, containing members from all over Europe and beyond, to make new friends and to bring long lost friends back together. Even to the point we go beyond the computer screen and get to see what that curvy flirty female belf, looks like in real life in his human form with a pint in his hand and being confused between gaming and real life and venturing into the ladies toilet.

holland meet

Within the wall of text of chat, be ready to experience, intellectual discussion, in-depth game mechanics, perfecting play, real life chat, carnal innuendo, noobish comments and all types of humour. Be ready to be part of one big family made of a bizarre concoction of players.