NeM Guild Ethos, Structure and Rules.


Nothing Else Matters has been raiding since way back of summer 2008, since that time the guild has been founded on a simple Ethos to maintain the guild for the future.  It is our managements' pledge to our members and also the founding principle that you choose to be a part of our community.




Nothing Else Matters Ethos


We will endure and last.

Raid the most upto date content and intend to clear said content before the next raid content patch. Pushing into Heroic content while we wait for the next raid content patch.


Aim to please all it's members.

Treat each other how we like to be treated.




Nothing Else Matters Guild Structure


Nothing Else Matters is structured on a departmental multi-tiered structure of management allowing us to cope with suddens losses.  More importantly so we can coach and promote future management with as little complications as possible.


Guild Structure.




Nothing Else Matters Guild, Raid and Looting Rules


Like all things Nothing Else Matters has rules that all our members and officers must follow.  They are there to make the guild ethos successful and to make everyones' time within Nothing Else Matters as enjoyable as possible.

Guild Rules Raid Rules Looting Rules