3.0 Raid Looting


3.1 Looting Core Rules



While raiding we use EPGP Lootmaster, which uses the Master Looter interface.



All green & blue items maybe disenchanted for the Guild Bank or the Loot Master may allow those items to be looted by the Raid.



For loot distribution during raids we use the EPGP system.  Everyone should have the addon EPGP Lootmaster for loot distribution.



Nobody loots before the raid leader, he will tell when you can loot, this will be AFTER the resurrection of players and distributing the drops to the group.



Please Note: Do not start gear discussions during a raid, especially during loot distribution. You are expected to know your own class and the gear that is needed to optimise your potential. Furthermore, not knowing your gear, might make you spend your hard earned EPGP points unnecessarily. This might also set back other players who really need the item. If in doubt you can ask advise of the raid assistant. However, the Raid Leader/Master Looter cannot be held responsible for your choices, but Raid Leaders can address you on your (loot) choices.


3.2 Legendary/Mount Drops



Legendary Quest chain drops and rare mount drops are given priority to members whom have completed their Pupil trial.



The member whom is furthest along the quest chain will have priority on gathering specific Quest chain items, or activities.



If the Legendary Quest chain requires a priority looting system, then this will either be predetermined prior to the raid, or a roll for the highest needer at the time of the looing.


3.3 EPGP in Nothing Else Matters



The thing to consider is that there is a minimum EP you must acquire before you will have priority. The amount of EP you need to reach is 15000. This does not mean you will not get loot if you have less than 15000 EP, but will mean you are low on priority.



All new invited Raiders or promoted members to the Venturer rank, will be charged a 1000 GP, this is to balance PR inflation after acquiring enough EP for minimum EP.



Only the scheduled guild Raids in the current Tier/content will use EPGP.



The options for looting will be Mainspec (full GP cost), RaidOffSpec (0 GP), Offspec (0 GP) and Pass.



Mainspec - An item that you need for your mainspec, at the full GP cost that is defined by the addon EPGP.



RaidOffSpec - There is a list of raiders that would be willing to OffSpec during a raid if the we lacked specific roles for the raid.  This is a voluntary list, but when there are no Mainspec rolls, the highest RaidOffSpec roll will have Priority.



Offspec - Items you may like to use for offspec, PvP or transmog, these items are all 0 GP as they rarely benefit use in raids.


How EP (effort points) will be awarded.



Being ready, prepared and ready to raid 15 minutes before start time will generate 1000 EP (FIrst invites at 19:30, start time at 20:00, then after 19:45 will be the time the EP is generated).



Once the raid has commenced 250 EP will be generated every 15 minutes.



Any Standby can gain the EP the raid gains by adding themselves to the Standby list.  This requires the Raider to whisper the individual responsible for EPGP for that raid, with the line "epgp standby", this will add them to the list, and they will generate EP while they are online in guild.  Alts included.  However after each award of EP you will be removed from the list, you should receive an /w and /g warnings about this.



The officers reserve the right to award EP to someone for exceptional reasons, this will be awarded by the officers, after consultation between the officers and the Guild Leader.


How GP (gear points) will be awarded.



Every piece of gear that drops has a GP value, once you win an item the GP value will be added to your total GP.



Tokens which have no specific item connected to it (such as T9), will be awarded by EPGP and may be restricted if the LM deems it necessary for the benefit of the guild.



Other items that drop that which are not covered by EPGP or the above rules, will be free or if the LM denotes it to be of value will award GP accordingly.


3.4 EPGP Principles



EPGP in one sentence computes your priority of loot (PR) as the quotient of your effort (EP) to the gear received (GP). Put in a mathematical equation PR = EP/GP. For the details on how GP is computed and further details on EPGP please read the Introduction to EPGP document on the EPGP website.



Basically the way it works is the more you raid and effort you put into the guild the more EP you will be awarded with. However where dkp allows a player to hoard the awarded dkp/EP to acquire loot, EPGP takes into account the loot you have received and thus helps to prevent hoarders.



The loot you recieve will then be awarded to your GP, and reduce your PR, increasing the chance someone else will have priority on the next drop, only in extreme cases would you have priority twice in a row.



This allows the guild to progress at an even rate, but also awards people who put the effort in.



At this point I would like people to realise that acquiring every piece of loot you're entitled to will reduce your chance of getting priority on another piece of loot, which may be better for you than the previous item you took.



If for any reason you leave the guild with your main character, your EP and GP will be wiped clear (this is a part of the system), so please no silly guild quitting, if for any reason you need to remove you character from the guild for a short time, discuss the situation with the officers, and they will determine if we can store your EP & GP until you return.