2.0 Raid Rules:


2.1 Core Raid Rules



We are a Raiding guild and as such we expect Raiding members to sign-up for scheduled Guild Raids, the minimum required sign-ups in a month is 6 for Venturers and 8 for Gladiators. If you cannot make it in a given month then prior notification about it and the reason why should be sufficient to have no consequences.



DO NOT leave a Raid until the Raid Leader has stated the Raid has finished, by leaving the Raid you are showing a sign of disrespect to your fellow guild members and the Guild itself, and there will be  consequences to a disrespectful attitude.



You are expected to sign up for all raids in advance. This can only be done by yourself using the ingame Calendar or armory.  If you change your sign-up status after 19:30 of the day of the Raid without sufficient reason, you will be designated as "out" for that Raid.



The content of the present Tier will denote how many raid nights will be counted towards the guilds raid nights. 



During a single raid Tier content, there will be only 3 nights (Wed/Thur/Mon)  An additional Tuesday night raid may be added during a 3 night schedule, but will not be using EPGP as it is not a scheduled Guild Raid.



During a multiple raid Tier content, it may be deemed necessary to have a 4 night schedule (Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon) divided between the different raids.  These raids will all be scheduled 25 man, and will use the EPGP system.



The sign-ups on the calendar are required for Raid Management, removing yourself from a raid invite for any reason, will result in a warning. If you are confirmed and need to change your status for a raid, then inform the RL, or an Oracle, other RL or Custodian, that you need to be set as decline, tentative or standby.



Due to the nature of the option of Tentative, it is not possible to regard a Tentative selection as a sign-up, however if you are available and online, prior to the raid invites going out, then set yourself to Accepted, or ask the RL or an Oracle, other RL or Custodian to do it that for you. Whenever you know your availability for a raid sign-up, please change you status accordingly, otherwise your sign-up will not be acknowledged as a sign-up.


2.2 Guild Pugging Rules



In order to make sure that guild raids happen and members can have time to do what they want, the following rules have been put in place.  Members should follow these rules in order to prevent damage to the guilds raid week, and their position within the guild.



Any pug that you wish to attend needs to be completed within sufficient time to attend the guild raid.



The present Tier/content raids cannot be pugged without prior consent.  Pugging is allowed after the last scheduled posted raid of the present raid week.



Social/Traveler/Augur(S) members and alts are allowed to PUG (due to increased raider attendance and less chance to raid), warning still given to those that sign for a raid and pug.


2.3 Raidgroup Composition



The Raid leader(s) decides on the composition of the raid group. The formation will be based on the sign-ups on the Calendar. Furthermore, raid leaders will take into account the different roles and classes that are needed (Tanks, healers, CC etc). Hence it's not always a first come first go basis. Also mains will almost always get priority over alts, unless we lack a crucial role/class in the raid group. Once all the needed places are filled the rest of the raid will be selected from Raid sign-ups, with Raiding members taking priority over Social members.  The raid leader will take this and more into account to make sure the raid has the best chance of succeeding.


2.4 Raid Leader



The raid leader guides the raid group through the raid. Raid leaders have read up (as you should as well) on the instance and know multiple tactics to make the run a success.



During the raid listen to the Raid Leader, follow the instructions and behave respectfully. If u do not understand what is expected of you by the Raid Leader do speak up, don't let it turn into a possible wipe.



When the Raid Leader wishes to ask the Raid group their opinions, be sensible. Be constructive and don't complain. Raiding means putting in effort and accepting you sometimes need to keep trying.



Only start a fight during a raid once all are ready and if the Raid Leader says so. Coordination is the key to success.



While raiding keep vent and ingame chat clear. That way the raid leader can give instructions when needed, and none will accidentally miss it.


2.5 Raid Preparation



Make sure you are specced, geared, enchanted and gemmed properly, and that you know the tactics for the Raid.



This also means being fully repaired and having bought/made the necessary potions, ingredients and mats.  It is the Guild's interest that in MoP we will be eventually self sufficient from the Guild Bank, but until the Guild Bank can maintain a consistant supply of feasts and flasks, it is the responsibility of the Raider to supply their own food and flasks.



Raid times start at 20:00 Server time and progress until 23:00 Server time.  This is our usual Raid time, however at unusual times this may vary.  Be on your main and ready by 19:45. In theory, if all are present and the raidleader has finished the raids composition, invites can be done and the raid can start right after that.



As soon as you are prepared travel to the raid’s location. Do not be lazy and expect other people to summon you. This will only slow down the raid.



All members of the raid group are expected to have EPGP Lootmaster addon installed. If not you will be removed from the raid. This will be counted as not showing up. No exceptions will be made.


2.5.6 (NEW, resurrected)

Due to the complexity of encounters, and the need to give instructions clearly and quickly.  As well as the advantage of you yourself giving requested feedback clearly and quickly, the guild voice server should be used at all times during raid time.  Special dispensation can be given by the Raid Leader for certain circumstances.  If you refuse, or are unable to log onto the guild voice server your position in the raid could be replaced.  The details for the guild voice server can be found in the "info" tab of the guild information in game, if you have any issues logging on, please contact someone before the raid, they will support you any way they can.



Please Note:  The Raid will suffer if you're ill-prepared for the Raid, however when in doubt don’t panic. Raid assistance will be given to help make you the best Raid member we can. Don't suffer in silence.