1.0 Guild Rules



Be proud of being a member of "Nothing Else Matters", and make those around you happy to see one. Never forget that you carry the Guild's Name above your head at all times, conduct yourself in a manner which will earn respect from your fellow players, not contempt. Be polite, both to Guildies and fellow "travellers". Be a nice person - even if this means you have to "roleplay" the whole time! (We're sure you can be evil and nice at the same time...)


1.1 Guild Core Rules



We are an active Guild and thus expect our members to be active, and playing on a regular basis, a member who has been offline for 2 months, will be removed from the Guild. If you are going to be absent for this length of time or longer then inform an officer prior to the time you will be absent.  Alts will be removed after 1 month of being offline.



If for any reason you are unable to log onto WoW when you are expected to be online, and thus unable to attend Raids or even play, it is very important that you somehow inform the guild, either through the forum, via email, other members of the guild, or anyone on the server. So that the guild knows what has happened.



You are in a guild, you are part of the "Nothing Else Matters" community, the Guild should be a high priority to all members, if someone within the guild asks for assistance and it is important to their development and thus the Guilds' development. You should endeavour to help them, this may mean that you have to sacrifice something you are doing to benefit the Guild, however if you cannot help them, then acknowledging their request and informing them you cannot help will show them respect.



Draenor is a European server (English speaking) so only communicate in guild / party / voice chat in English please. We understand that many of you speak the same language and it is easier to chat in that language, it is a shame if you choose not to speak with the rest of the guild, but if it is necessary speak privately. Communicating in other languages can annoy, intimidate, it can also be seen as rude and can even make people paranoid.



Consider the language that you use, swearing is not prohibited but extreme usage, and offensive behaviour will not be permitted.



Do not disrespect any member of the guild, or for the matter anybody you encounter within World of Warcraft.  If an officer asks you to do something then please listen to them.



All members should want to be part of the guild, and thus if a member is found looking for another guild, then that member by definition is not happy being a part of "Nothing Else Matters". The situation will be discussed with the member involved, and if they are found to be looking for another guild they will be asked to leave the guild or they will be removed from the guild.



If you choose to sell your WoW account, the officers must be informed and your characters will be removed from the guild.



If you wish to lend your account to another, to do anything within WoW, then notice has to be given to the officers'. The owner of the account takes full responsibility for the individual who is borrowing the account. If they do anything that would require action by an officer, then the end result cannot be negotiated, this may result in a warning, demotion or even being removed from the guild. You are responsible for your account and characters, and thus their actions are effectively your actions.